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Agent Code of Conduct


Ascend Education Centre has formulated an Education Agent Code of Conduct to form the basis of developing a professional relationship between the School and the Agent. The Code outlines a number of standards in order for the Agent to maintain the highest professional standard, act ethically with due diligence, fairness, integrity, honesty and dignity and in a manner that is not detrimental to the public interest, the student, Ascend Education Centre or the Singapore international education sector.


Ascend has formulated an Agent Code of Conduct to form the basis of developing a professional, transparent and trustworthy relationship between Ascend, Agent and Students. The code outlines a number of professional standards in order for the Agent to act transparently and in a manner that is not detrimental to the student, Ascend or the Singapore international education sector.

  1. The Agent must not contravene any expectation stated in this contract.
  2. The Agent must not be engaged in any unethical practice such as making claims,     warranties, representations or statements which may be false, untrue, ambiguous,
     misleading, inaccurate or fraudulent.
  3. The Agent must be aware of relevant Singapore laws and regulations of any government agency and do not go against these laws and regulations;
  4. The Agent must apply principles of fair trading when recruiting students and must not engage in high-pressure sales, “bait and switch” advertising or similar unfair practices;
  5. The Agent must not be negligent, careless or incompetent such that they compromise  the integrity of the PEI and Singapore’s reputation;
  6. The Agent must follow the PEI’s procedure to clarify any doubt;
  7. The Agent is aware of the Council of Private Education’s requirements, Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) policies and procedures related to international students and the terms and conditions of study at Ascend Education Centre.
  8. The Agent is aware of their responsibility in carrying out pre-course counseling for all potential international students applying for courses at Ascend Education Centre.
  9. The Agent ensures that the recruitment of students is conducted at all times in an ethical, non-discriminatory and responsible manner and consistent with the requirements of Ascend courses as detailed in materials published by Ascend Education Centre.
  10. The Agent ensures all applicant information collected as part of the application and enrolment process is securely kept and that the handling and divulging all of applicant information complies with the privacy policy of Ascend Education Centre and to make available all original applicant documents to Ascend Education Centre upon request.
  11. The Agent fairly and accurately represents Ascend Education Centre at all times and to acknowledge that false representation of the relationship between the Agent and Ascend Education Centre, or misrepresentation of Ascend Education Centre application fees; course fees, course content, facilities, aims shall result in immediate termination of this contract by Ascend Education Centre.
  12. The Agent agrees not to collect any course fees from students under any circumstances and understands that doing so would constitute a material breach of contact with immediate termination.
  13. The Agent agrees to only charge students their own service related fees as stated in Clause 16 of the Agent Contract. Ascend monitors agent adherence to their published service fees and it is the responsibility of the agent to inform Ascend of any changes to their published fees to ensure transparency and trust with their clients. Failure to disclose changes in service fees charged by the agents shall result in the termination of the agent contact.
  14. The Agent informs Ascend Education Centre of potential opportunities, marketing activities and issues.
  15. The Agent acts as a point of contact for Ascend Education Centre in the formulation and distribution of Ascend Education Centre publicity materials relevant to the recruitment of international students.
  16. The Agent advises Ascend Education Centre of any Government initiatives or laws having a direct bearing upon this agreement and the recruitment of international students generally.
  17. The Agent refrains from the appointment of Agents or representatives acting for or on behalf of the Agent.
  18. The Agent refrains from any activities that may, by association, be detrimental to the reputation or integrity of Ascend Education Centre.
  19. The text of any press release, advertisement or other communication to be published by, or in the media concerning Ascend Education Centre, or making reference of Ascend Education Centre in any manner, shall require the prior written approval of Ascend Education Centre to avoid misrepresentation and ensure transparency and accuracy.




Ascend Education Centre
#08-03, The Adelphi,
1 Coleman Street, Singapore 179803
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