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Past Activities


Friday 21st Oct. 2011 Visit to Little India experiencing the Deepavali festival and the Bazaars

Conversation classes Pre-Int. 2, Int. 2, Up-Int. 2 and Adv. + IELTS

We (35Ss) set out 9.40am in nice sunshine. At the time we arrived in Little India it was pouring down and we quickly ran into the  covered Bazaar – colourful, beautiful and interesting.


Some Ss got beautiful hand painted henna tattoos and others bought little knick knacks like, peacock feathers, bangles,











Still pouring down, we ran made it to Komala Villas (vegetarian restaurant) but not without getting soaked. We had the most interesting and delicious food Bathura and  ????

 The students got really excited about the Tea Tarik.  The waiters had to ‘pull’ the tea many, many times for many, many students

All in all we had a great morning and the students really enjoyed taking the conversation class out of the class room and mixing with students from other classes and other levels. I highly recommend  cultural outings like this



Date: 21 October 2011

Students gathered in Room F at 12.30pm and despite the downpour, decided to continue on with the trip. We made our way to Little India via MRT and managed to find a nice Indian restaurant, Shakunthala's, where we had a wonderful Indian lunch. Students ordered a variety of food like pratas, naan, briyani and delightful Indian desserts.

At around 2pm, after we've finished lunch, the slight drizzle did not stop the students from wanting to walk around Little India. Lucky for us, we chanced upon a sheltered bazaar. The students were greeted with the bright colours of traditional Indian outfits, jewellery, food and some went on to try out the beautiful henna designs on their hands.

I think it was a refreshing change for the students, to be able to take the conversation lesson out of the classroom. For most of them too, it was a cultural learning experience.

The 2009 Christmas Graduation Party was a success! This year Ascend Education Centre held the event at the National Library. Students, teachers and staff mingled before the certificate presentations got underway. All our students were delighted to receive their certificates. The top performers in each class also received a special gift from their teachers.

After the certificate presentation it was time for a feast at the rooftop terrace. Everyone enjoyed the mouth watering dishes served. With great food and great company it was definitely one of best Christmas Graduation Parties to date.


It was a special day at Ascend Education Centre on 30th October 2009. Students were not dressed in their usual attire. Everyone was dressed in scary and usual costumes! The fun filled day was packed with interesting games and all of our students had a blast.

Students arrived in creative and imaginative costumes which amazed everyone. Each of our classrooms had a different theme and students enjoyed participating in the different events organized for each of the classes.

Flashes from digital cameras lit up the hallway as students didn’t miss the chance to take photos with their friends in costume. It looks like every Halloween celebration keeps getting better!

Science Center Trip

Tuesday 21st July

Sceince Center
My Advanced (am) and Intermediate (pm) classes went to the Science Centre in Jurong to see the Da Vinci exhibition. It was really interesting and we spent more than 4 hours there. The students enjoyed it too as most of them have read The Da Vinci Code (in their own language) and all knew Mona Lisa and the Last Supper. After that some of the students went to see the other exhibitions at the Science Centre. Here are some of the photographs we took and some of the students write ups on what they saw.


"My Class had three hour to learn outside. It was very wonderful. We went to De Vinci Museum .We knows that he not only was famous art painting, but he was also an extremely smart scientist and more was a genius inventor. De Vinci painted a lot of beautiful painting and be admitted about its valuable by all people in the world.

First, the paintings described the life and culture of Italians in the 15 century. Typically Monica women painting, there were to depict cream of painting art .The painting showed a look of mystery of women with difficult smiling and glint.

Secondly, he was a great inventor who created the operative machines which help human to develop in machine scientist- technologies. There based on operating the toothed wheels. Nowadays, they applied to almost in product line and other industries to save human power. Additionally, his invention is used to provide to military scientist.

The movie films told a bout his life; we saw that he was very loveable and good- natured. He wrote everything by his left hand. Especially, he was very hard working and had strongly passion about research. An interesting thing, he could be gay.

There was wonderful visiting with me .I love visiting De Vinci Museum. My teacher guided us to discover about his inventors and its history. Other important thing is we know much more knowledge about De Vinci and his great inventors."

David, Vietnam (Intermediate)

De Vinci researched about: human body, mechanic and he invented many machine for many profession from dive's equipment to fly's equipment, from moisture measure to weapon machine. Nowadays, all his inventions is very clearly to understand about how to operation and how is principal, and many of them has been applied for the mordent machine. Contrariwise, the most of his painting has been mystery, everybody want to clearly understand that how can he do it? What is his hide ideas?.. With all the things that I was seen, I absolutely agree with the way that people call him "the man who want to know everything".

Long, Vietnam, (Intermediate)

Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519)

Da vinci"Leonardo da Vinci is widely regarded as the archetypical, universal genius. Honestly, I don't even know him only his paintings like 'Mona Lisa'.

Leonardo da Vinci has said that "The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding". However, I really do not agree with this idea when I visited his inspirational exhibition.

Last week I went to visit the genius' exhibition 'The Secret of Mona Lisa' with my friends in Singapore. The display included his paintings and inventions. Look at his works you have to admit that he is absolutely a genius. He is an inventor, scientist, anatomist, engineer, artist and architect. Also, I cannot deny that it is truly breathtaking to visit his exhibition. In my opinion his works mix the historical secrets with trendy curiousness.

As I mentioned, I do not really agree with his words because his painting like 'Mona Lisa' is a big secret inside. You cannot really see what it is with the human eyes.

Anyway, I love his works because they are amazing. Nobody can compare with him because nothing can compare with a genius!"

An Qi, China (Adv.)

"Last Tuesday I went to Science Centre with my teacher and classmates for Leonardo Da Vinci's exhibition.

I liked him but even more when I knew about how amazing he was and all the things he had created. At first I couldn't believe that there was such a super talented man like him in the world. He really wanted to know and could do everything. He was a painter, thinker, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, sculptor, architect, botanist, musician and writer.

What surprised me most were his research in the structure of human flying machines and his brilliance in painting on walls, in the painting he brought real emotions of everyday humans on the streets.

I felt totally mesmerized while I was at the exhibition and I think now he is my idol."

Meena, Laos (Advanced)

"What do you think whenever you think of Da Vinci? Do you think about his artwork something like Mona Lisa or The Last Supper? If so, he was an artist. Do you think about something like sketching of airplanes, submarines and several study records? If so, he was a scientist. Do you think about him dissecting so many human bodies? If so, he was a doctor.

Yes, he is an amazing man comparing both his period and now. Science has developed and art has flourished but no man can be comparable.

I wonder which field he didn't study. I wonder who he was. I wonder what he did. He was a queer and great man who I can't define by one word. He was born at the right time and the right place. It was Italy in 1452. It was the Renaissance in art, architecture, literature and science with remarkable developing.

He was good at observation and recording. By that, he achieved many things. Also the reason he could make many achievements was due to his super creativity.

Meanwhile his private life was in veil in many parts. He never married.

Was he happy? Was there someone who could understand him? It's my last mysterious questions."

Stephanie, Korea, (Advanced)

Much Ado About Nothing 

5 teachers and 29 students went for a Shakespeare picnic in For Canning Park. We were lucky, when we arrived the rain stopped. The set was spectacular, the students in high spirit - some wearing masks - bringing lots of picnic food and drinks. Much Ado about Nothing was set in a Peranekan style.
The higher levels , Upper Intermediate and Advanced understood some of the Shakespearean language and understood most of the story as they had read through a synopsis and discussed it in class.
However, for the lower levels the play was difficult to understand but all seemed to enjoy an evening with friends in a nice atmosphere. Some even said it was spectacular.

Student quotes:

The play was a little difficult to understand, but the atmosphere was very nice. I should have studied more about the play.

Advanced (Japan)

I enjoyed the play very much even I couldn't understand it all, nice atmosphere, good to se everybody in our school. I if there is something like this next time I'd like to join.

Advanced. (Laos)

To tell the truth, it was my first experience of participating in such a wonderful open-air theatre. I do think that is much better than sitting inside a building and just watch a programme. You have so much pleasure having picnic with nice company - have a glass of wine, put on an amazing mask, have a chat during the break and discuss the play. All these things give you enjoyment.

Advanced. (Kazakhstan)


The surge of enthusiastic acting was enough and the wonderful atmosphere was just the icing on the cake.

Advanced. (China)

It was the first time for me to see an out-door performance in Singapore. I read the story at home so I could enjoy the play with my family. Especially the actor who played Benedict was very funny. I had a good time if I have another chance I would like to join again.

Advanced. (Korea)

It was an awesome play, which showed Shakespeare and Singapore culture in a good mix. Especially, I loved the stage setting and costumes. Even though it was hard to understand the English it wasn't any problem to understand the story and jokes, because my teacher always tried to translate and explain kindly to us.

Upper-Intermediate pm (Korea)

It was my first fantastic experience to enjoy such a wonderful, funny Shakespeare performance in an open field together with my friends. The show was very beautiful and it was even more enjoyable because everybody ate some snacks and drank a glass of wine. It's hard to describe how happy I was at that moment.

Upper-Intermediate pm (Indonesia)

I like going out with my class and the picnic was great even I don't understand almost all. Anyway I liked it!!!! I hope we can go out one time a week in class time Ha, ha, ha.

Upper-Intermediate am (Korea)


Sunday 8th February we -about 25-30 students with friends, teachers and even a few old students - set out from Bugis to experience Thaipusam, one of Singapore's most colourful and bizarre festivals.

It was a really hot day and some students started to get impatient but when the first devotee arrived with spikes through his cheeks and tongue and hooks on his bodies everybody forgot the heat. Most students were amazed and some horrified.

We followed the procession all the way to the Hindu temple in Tanks Road where we could see priests taking out the spikes and hooks. The most fascinating was that no blood was spilt. After taking lots of photos and discussing why they were doing it and why it didn't bleed we split up and went home.

All in all an unforgettable and interesting day. Please read our students reactions below, they are fascinating!


On 8th February, at first I went to the road where the devotees were parading with my teacher and classmates. After a few minutes the devotees came with some people who may be their families and friends. They were piercing needles which were thick like a skewer . It made me really horrified. When we reached the final destination, we saw the devotees had their decorations taken off. When they had needles pulled out ,they didn’t bleed. It was unbelievable. An Indian lady said that the devotees had prepared for three months and had special preparation such as fasting for a month, I felt that I saw a latent power and ability of human. I think Thaipusam is certainly a quite unnatural event. But it was unforgettable and incredible for me.

Risa Sakamoto,
Upper Intermediate class

I've my first experience of Thaipusam. I looked some photos about Thaipusam before. But I saw them by my eyes today. It was really horrifying. They were piercing metal spikes and skewers around their body. It was incredible! Actually I didn't understand their purpose. They pierced their tongues so they couldn't put in them in mouth. Of course, they couldn't speak and eat to. I was really surprised. It was so memorable and impressive to everybody. Today is an unforgettable day for me.


Last Sunday, I went to see "Thaipusam which is the sensational Hindu festival with my classmates. I thought they were proud of themselves who could take part. What I was surprised most about it was some old men took part in it. They also carries 'Cavadi' similar to the other devotee and looked very powerful. Nowadays we cannot see such an amazing festival except in Singapore and Malaysia. By the way, it became one of the most unforgettable memories in Singapore for me.

Minako Murayama,
Upper Intermediate

Looking back what was the most impressive thing in the festival are their extraordinary faith in the Gods and mental strength, and their families’ strong support; it seems the same as the festival of Ramadan for Muslims, If someone asked me whether I preferred to take part in the festival, I would say “yes,, but only with a few small spikes, please” 

Tomoko Kurahashi,
Upper Intermediate Class


Graduation PartyASCEND students, teachers and staff ended the year in style with our Christmas Graduation party on Thursday December the 18th.

As you can see from the photos from the party we had lots of fun and laughter with students joining in the festive mood singing Christmas carols, playing games and eating the delicious food. We had 134 students graduating from 10 classes, a record number. All our students wished each other Merry Christmas in 10 different languages reflecting the countries our students come from. It was a wonderful day.

You can see the pictures of the students with their teachers after they received their certificates. Prizes were also awarded to the top student and most improved student in each class. Wan Wan Lie got a special prize for this wonderful video on Halloween which you can view below under Halloween.

We wish all our students a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2009 and look forward to seeing our students back at school on the 5th January – the start of our new term.

Click to see more pictures of Christmas Graduation Party 08'


Ascend students, teachers and staff celebrated Halloween 2008 in some style! Read what our Elementary student Wan Wan Lie said about the day. Also, and read an extract from an interview with Wan Wan Lie about the wonderful video he made and watch an extract from the video (video download)

"It's such an excitement to be able to join English class in Ascend School. The teachers here are so close with their students. They also have a great sense of humour.

During Halloween celebration, all students wore funny costumes. We had fun with our friends in class. We also had meals together. Each student brought their country's traditional food. Victoria, our teacher, also wore a very nice costume. We could not forget every moment of our study time together in this school.

I invite all of you who have intention to learn English to join us in this school. If you are looking for a place to learn English, you don't need to look any further- our school is the right place for you.
Thank You."

Wan Wan Lie

Interview with Wan Wan Lie

Qn: Why did you make the video?
Ans: I made it for a gift and to remember. It was a gift to the students so they remember as well.
Qn: How long have you been making videos?
Ans: I have been making videos for one year.
Qn: What made you interested in filming?
Ans: I got interested when I was in school in Indonesia.
Qn: What did you think of the Halloween celebration at Ascend?
Ans: It was fun! It was also the first time I celebrated Halloween.
Qn: What did you remember most about the day?
Ans: The really nice costumes and I know other students from other classes.
Qn: Are you going to make a Christmas video?
Ans: Ha Ha (laughs) . Okay!
Qn: Just one last question. Out of curiosity, how much did your video camera cost?
Ans: I cant remember exactly. It’s about four-thousand dollars.

Singapore National Day Parade

Linda, Ascend's intermediate EGL teacher, and her students went to celebrate and experience Singapore National Day on the 9th of August. Read what Linda students had to day about their day!
"I had been i­n Singapore for many times, but it was the first time to stay here more than 10 days and have a chance to enjoy the celebration of the National Day. It was really a deep impression. We watched the excellent battle plane show, exciting fireworks and neon light show. Actually there were many other shows that day, but it was difficult to watch every one. I think the most important thing for everyone is to enjoy the celebration atmosphere and relax from busy work".

Zhang Shu Feng
Intermediate (Term 3, AM)

"On Singapore National Day, we had a wonderful trip altogether. At first, we arranged to meet each others at City Hall station. Unfortunately, we didn't think that there were such many people come so we were in a very hot atmosphere. After that, we walked to a river. There was very loud music and a crowd just like some rock shows I had enjoyed before. Music made me wanted to be nuts and I thought it would be great.

At the river side, it started raining and we started getting lost very well because of the crowd. People parted into 2 groups and lost touch. More than an hour later, we luckily saw each others again. We were really happy at that moment like we hadn't seen for ages. Right after that, we decided to finish our food to celebrate seeing each others again. While we were eating, some aeroplanes suddenly flew pass by. We all leapt out and screamed. The aeroplanes flew around and around, up and down. They made a big heart in the sky with their smoke. I was very disappointed when the 2 aeroplanes from 2 sides rushed into each others but there was no crash because they dodged beautifully.

After the aeroplanes, we waited for a fireworks scene but we were very hungry and "flat" so we decided to enjoy the fireworks by walking along the lake to the food court. The fireworks came out when we were moving slowly. It was very nice. People took photos, filmed videos and screamed again. There were thousands and thousands of people and it was really crowded. We even went a wrong way so it took a very long time to go to the food court. We had dinner and laughed together."

Tran The Anh
Intermediate (Term 3, AM)

Trip to Pallada – Russian Frigate

On the morning of the 4th July the morning Pre-Intermediate and the afternoon Intermediate classes went to see the Russian Frigate, from Vladivostok - a beautiful training ship.

We were searched before boarding and when we left too but when we got on we were greeted in a real polite serious Russian manner and treated very nicely.

We had a guided tour on the ship and went on the commando bridge too.

The ship has 3 masts – mesan, main and for mast, the main mast is 50 m tall. She has 24 sails and 2 engines, about 120 cadets, 30 crew members and 14 officers. For full sail Pallada has a maximum speed of 18 knots

They only use the engines when they go in and out of a harbour the rest of the time they sail for sails.

The Pallada had a little, interesting useum too and it turned out it was the Pallada’s 19th birthday today. The cadets are training onboard for about one year. They work in two groups. One day one group is studying and one group is working and the next day they change.

When the cadets are finished they are probably going to work in the merchant marine or the fishing fleet of Russia.

Next destination is Shanghai, then Nagasaki and then Pusan.

The young handsome sailors, in their traditional sailors outfit were charming. They chatted and flirted with our students and our students asked a lot of questions.I must say our students spoke better English than the Russian sailors.

We had a great day with lots and lots of photos – of course. Read the write ups from our students under their class work


ASCEND ended Term 3 2008 on September 18th with an awesome party and a delicious feast!

Students celebrated with friends and schoolmates upon receiving their certificates from their teachers. Teachers joined the party as well and everyone had a great time.

After the certificate presentation ceremony in each classroom, students and teachers headed for a fantastic lunch and desserts.

We would like to congratulate all students on their completion of Term 3. We also look forward to a great term 4 and a fantastic year end Graduation with a smashing Christmas Party on the 18th of December 2008!

St Patrick's Day Parade, Singapore

St Patrick's Day is the National Day of Ireland and falls on the 17th March each year. ASCEND students and staff will once again participate in this year's St Patrick’s Day parade in Singapore led by St Patrick in his unique attire. At 3.30pm, students, staff and their family will join in the parade and march from the riverfront of Boat Quay near the new Parliament building and end up at the opposite side of the river next to UOB Plaza. A crowd of over 3,000 people is expected and they can look forward to performances from the Singapore Police Force (SPF) Band, the SPF Ladies Pipe and Drum Band, St Joseph’s Institution Pipes and Drums, the LaSalle-SIA percussion band and the St. Patrick’s School Band. Irish dancers and musicians all the way from Ireland will add colour and activity to this cross-cultural celebration.




Here are some of the essays that our students wrote about their experiences during Thipusam 2008.

I didn't pass out at a road.

Written by Hong 

Before I went to the 2008 Thaipusam Festival in Singapore, I had found the information what the Thaipusam is.

Thaipusam is a Hindu festival celebrated mostly by the Tamil community on the full moon in the Tamil month of Thai (January or February). Pusam refers to a star that is at its highest point during the festival. The festival commemorates both the birthday of Lord Murugan (also Subramaniam), the youngest son of Shiva and Parvati, and the occasion when Parvati gave Murugan a vel(lance) so he could vanquish the evil demon Soorapadman. (I will omit the details.)

On January 22nd, I went to the the roads and temple that was holding the Thaipusam festival with beautiful teacher 'Annie' and lovely classmates. We had gathered at school and went to the roads where many devotees were parading. About 15 minutes later, we had arrived at the middle of the way to the temple, the destination of the parade. A flock of devotees who had been piercing something into their skin on the chest and back were parading and going to the temple. After we watched for a little while, we followed the parades in order to go to the temple together with them. While we were going to the temple, I received the foods and drinks from supporters of festival.

We arrived at the temple since we had walked for about 30 minutes. At that time, I was very surprised at amazing spectacles of festival. There were many devotees, their family and tourists anticipating in the festival. Especially, I felt faint a little bit and couldn't see when I saw the devotees had needles and hooks pulled out from their chest and skin. It made me horrified and dizzied a little bit, but now, I think it will be the most memorable and unforgettable scenes during my lifetime.



Ascend Education Center will end the year in style with our Christmas Graduation party on Wednesday December the 19th.

As you can see from the photos from last years party there was lots of fun and laughter with students joining in the festive mood singing Christmas carols, playing games and eating the delicious food.

All our Students are invited and they can bring along a friend. Our students will be given their certificates and prizes will awarded to the top student and most improved student in each class.

We look forward to wishing all our students a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2008!

Deepavali Outing to Little India  - 05 November 2007

For the second part of Intermediate classes’ "trying out food from different countries" (last Monday we went for Vietnamese) Victoria, Annie and about 23 students (from IELTS and the 2 Intermediate classes) went on an outing to Little India Monday

November 5th to check out the Deepavali celebrations.

We had done some preparations with photos from last year, the internet and Karan Jit from our Intermediate class gave a brief introduction to Hinduism and the thousands of Hindu Gods.

We walked down Serangoon Rd to the temple admiring the decorations. In the temple we spent almost one and a half hours listening to Karan Jit telling us about the Gods. The evening service started with drums and clarinet, oil lamps, priests in tea-towels blessing people and us and many happy Indians praying and celebrating Deepavali. It was a fantastic experience, the students really enjoyed it and took tons of photos. After the temple we went to the big Deepavali market where we spent about half an hour. At around 8 pm. fifteen of us tried out some Northern Indian cuisine at the Delhi restaurant, which we also enjoyed.

A big thank you to our student Karan Jit for telling us about Hinduism, Deepavali and the Gods – thanks!

All in all a great evening and students from the different classes mixed and talked. Here are some extracts from essays that our students wrote on the evening:

“Yesterday, it was good going to Little India, seeing Indians praying to God
and having special meals. Thank you! I wish we could have the opportunity like this very soon”.
 Kurata Sachiyo, Japan, from morning intermediate class

“I was absolutely delighted with my schoolmates to join the festival. It helps me improve my knowledge with friends and we discussed the Deepavali origin. So I recommend it to anyone who wants to discover many different cultures”

Le Chi, Vietnam, from afternoon Intermediate Class

“As we know there are many gods in India. They have their religions and their great culture. Our class are all interested in it and like it. Then we went to a shopping market, there are many good things and they are very cheap. After shopping, we went to an Indian restaurant to have dinner. All the food is very good. That day we are all happy to have a chance to go to little India and know India’s culture”

Jorden, China, from morning intermediate class

My classmates and I with afternoon class students went to little India to visit Indian Temple. There were many light decorations and they were very interesting. I was extremely delighted because I could get to know about Indian culture and people. From my point of view the most astonishing thing in little India were about many gods in the Hindu religion and the way of worshiping their gods. We also tasted Indian food that was absolutely terrific!”

Mohammad, Iran, from morning Intermediate class

“In my opinion the strong point of this outing is we can have dinner with our teacher and classmates at an Indian restaurant. It was wonderful for me to eat Indian food with us and we took a lot of photos talking with each other. I really enjoyed it”

Su Jian Wei ,China, from Intermediate morning class

Pitch Black, Singapore - 16 July 2007

24 students, Annie, Victoria, Isabel and Paul had a wonderful night of movie magic

The first ECA of Term 3 was a huge success as students from all levels of EGL got together to watch Sense & Sensibility. The students had read the Pre-Intermediate graded reader to help understand the story and characters better.

We walked over to Pitch Black , a café & cinema, where students purchased a minimum of $5 for free entry to the movie. Much coffee, wine and beer was had. Due to the madness Ascend Education Centre caused, the movie started 30 minutes late, but no one really minded. The movie was enjoyed by most, especially those who had finished reading the book, but all had had a good night out. At the end of the movie the students clapped.

Our next ECA will be held on Saturday 21st July – Ballet under the Stars.

St Patrick's Day Parade, Singapore - 11 March 2007

St Patrick's Day is the National Day of Ireland and falls on the 17th March each year. Ascend Education Centre participated in this year's St Patrick’s Day parade in Singapore led by St Patrick in his unique attire.At 3.30pm, students, staff and their family joined in the parade and marched from the riverfront of Boat Quay near the new Parliament building and ended at the opposite side of the river next to UOB Plaza. A crowd of over 3,000 people were entertained by the Singapore Police Force (SPF) Band, the SPF Ladies Pipe and Drum Band, St Joseph’s Institution Pipes and Drums, the LaSalle-SIA percussion band and the St. Patrick’s School Band. Traditional Malay dancers from Nanyang Polytechnic, a Chinese Dragon Dance Troupe from NUS, a performance by Temasek Poly students, dancers from CHIJ (Toa Payoh) and Irish dancers and musicians all the way from Ireland added colour and activity to this cross-cultural celebration.


Cranes to Grains - 6 October 2006  to 7 February 2007

This community service project is organized by the SouthEast Community Development Council (SE CDC) and it has been on-going since October 06 right up to February 07. Overseas Students' Association (OSA)  is participating actively in this project and has invited more participants to join in to help the less fortunate by folding paper cranes during this period.  For every paper crane folded, a bowl of rice (100gm) will  be sponsored by Song He, a rice company .  The rice will then be sent to the needy homes and families (coordinated by CDC).  Pieces of paper are also sponsored by CDC.

We are very proud of all our students here at  Ascend Education Centre for their time and effort  in making these paper cranes and contributing to society.

BBQ @ Paul's - 15 Feb 2007

A great night was had at Paul’s by 37 students, friends and staff of Ascend Education Centre. On the menu was rice with chilli beef and sour cream, noodles with chicken drumsticks, hotdogs with onion, mustard and relish and Korean spicy pork (thanks to Candy (Upper Intermediate) and Claude (Pre Intermediate)). Lots of chatting, dancing and partying set the happy relaxed atmosphere. Student brought music from Russia, Korea and Europe to dance to.

Too many marshmallows were toasted to end the evening before Paul made all tidy up and help carry all the utensils back to his house, where MORE partying (Coffee. Whiskey, Water and Wine) was had and songs sung (Russian, Irish, Korean) until again, Paul THREW everyone out of his apartment at 1am!!

The BBQ was a tremendous success and all the students were eager to plan the next one. A special thank you to Candy (Up Int Korea) and Claude (Pre Int, Korea) for making and cooking the pork, to Daniel (Int, Indonesia) and Ken (Int, Korea) for helping cook and carry everything and to Stacy and Rachel (both Adv/Ielts, Korea) for making a beautiful salad.


THAIPUSAM - 1st Feb 2007

Ascend Education Centre students from all levels and their teachers, followed the THAIPUSAM procession, a colourful and ritualistic Hindu festival, from Selegie Road and walked all the way to the temple Sri Thandayuthapani Temple.  Some of them went into the temple and later joined the devotees on the area outside where they watched in awe as the priests removed the spikes and spears. They were fascinated by the way friends and family supported the devotees and by the fact that they do not bleed when the skewers are taken out.  Most of the  students were horrified and shocked at first but later impressed  as shown by their comments below.

"I met a devotee on the way to the temple. It was amazing! He pierced his cheek and tongue, and walked without shoes. Also, he also pierced his body and carried a Kavadi which is a steel structure.  

The highlight was when the hooks and needles were removed from his cheek and tongue, and his body which was linked to the kavadi. People around him were helping him. That looked like so painful. Thaipusam was  a memorable experience for me." - Ken, Korea (Intermediate)

"They don’t feel any pain in a trance state.It is amazing that blood doesn’t flow." - Sandy, Japan (Intermediate)

"They also pierce their mouth and tongue with big needles. I was gripped when I saw it.
It was amazing and it was the first time I have seen this kind of festival." - Daniel Aldy, Indonesia (Intermediate)

"I never felt frightened and horrified. Thaipusam is unforgettable for me. It has been on
my mind for days." - Mamiko, Japan (Upper Intermediate)

"I learnt from this festival that there is nothing that humans cannot do if they truly believe
and this is the most memorable festival in my life....." - Ma My Kay Khaing (KK), Myanmar (Advanced)


A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

Ascend Education Centre ended the year in style with our Christmas Graduation party. As you can see from the photos, there was lots of fun and laughter with students joining in the festive mood singing Christmas carols, playing games and eating the delicious food.

Students were given their certificates and prizes were awarded to the top student and most improved student in each class. Well done to all students on graduating and best wishes from the Ascend Education Centre Team for 2007. CHEERS!!!

THE DUOLOS - The world's biggest floating bookstore - 15th Nov 2006

Our teachers took their classes on a trip to the Duolos - the world's largest floating bookstore - docked at the Promenade at VivoCity. The novel bookshop, carrying more than 6000 titles, sailed into Singapore for the 14th time. The last time it came to the City was in 2001. Duolos, built in 1914, is on a charity mission to deliver new, yet affordable books, around the world. It has been sailing for the last 28 years and has visited over 100 countries. Last year, Duolos helped to build 25 libraries in Sri Lanka and delivered books to inmates in Bangkok.

The students enjoyed walking around the ship and looking at the books. For many students, it was their first time on a big ship. All in all, it was a good educational and social tour.

Our students' comments:

'We went to see a large book store at Harbour Front. It's unlike anything I've seen in Singapore. It's in a huge ship! This ship, called the Duolos, was built just 2 years after the Titanic. The scenery from the ship was spectacular.'-Taka (Japan)

'There were so many English books, dictionaries, etc. We could see Sentosa from the ship. After the tour on the ship, we had lunch with our classmates. We had such a great time!' -Gina (Japan)


Ascend Education Centre staff and students, and their friends, celebrated the Lantern Festival at the Chinese Gardens in Singapore. It is held under the full moon in the fall of every year where a huge lake floats dozens of lanterns in all shapes and colours. Thousands of Singaporeans and tourists visit the gardens during the week of the Lantern Festival to see the spectacle. Many bring moon cakes, Chinese pastries eaten only at this time of the year, to have a picnic under the stars.

Some comments from our students:

'It has been a very exciting evening!'
'It's nice walking around together, talking and laughing.'
'How long has this institution (Ascend Education Centre) existed?'
'It seems like a very good place to study.'


Ascend Education Centre staff and students were kindly invited to the official opening of the Saudi Arabian Fashion and Art Show at Marina Square. We were warmly welcomed with Arabic coffee and dates as well as some local culinary delights by our accommodating hosts. The Fashion show opened all our eyes to the colourful, ethnic, and chic designs of contemporary Saudi Arabian fashion. We were given a guided tour of the exhibition and were briefed on how oil plays such an important role in our daily lives and in the Saudi economy.

We also learnt about the artwork, jewellery and craftwork of Saudi Arabia. Our students were kindly presented with special packages containing CDs and books on the history and culture of Saudi Arabia. One of our students, Huong, who specialises in graphic design, took 'endless' photos. It was indeed an enlightening experience.

A special word of thanks to Hadi for his kind invitation to the event.


The students and their teachers went on a tour to The Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) at Empress Place. The museum's aim is to promote a better appreciation of the rich cultures that make up Singapore's multi-ethnic society. Singapore's forefathers came to settle in Singapore from many parts of Asia within the last 200 years, the cultures brought to Singapore by these different people are far more ancient. This aspect of Singapore's history is the focus of the ACM.

The Museum's collection centres on the material cultures of the different groups originating from China, Southeast Asia, South Asia and West Asia. Over 1300 artefacts from these civilisations are on display.

Here is Paul, one of our teachers, in a traditional Chinese costume.

A comment from one of our students:

'It was very interesting and most educational.'

GAN ANIM - 17th Aug 2006

Over 20 students showed up with their friends at The Esplanade to watch Paul's (our English teachers) gig. Gan Anim is a band that plays Irish songs and music. It was a huge success. The students were at first shy, but then started clapping, swaying and cheering to the music.

Students' comments...:

'Paul sings very well.'
'He is quite handsome.'
'The last song was very moving.'

'On 17th Aug 2006, I want to Paul's concert. I was very surprised because I think he is a good singer. I couldn't believe the person on stage was my teacher. It was a great time for me. This was my first time going out with my friends and school mates.' - Ling (Thailand)


Our English teacher, Annie, with a few of her students and friends went to watch 'Ballet Under the Stars' at Fort Canning Park, Singapore. They made it into a real picnic with food, wine and candles. It was an incredible evening. Huong, our Vietnamese student said, 'It was magical. The atmosphere was fantastic.' It was her first time ever watching a ballet.


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