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Student Testimonials


I would like to express my thank you to all my teachers who helped me a lot in my first few months at Ascend, especially teacher Victoria, who taught me with all her heart during 2 terms of IELTS.
After 8 months of learning English at Ascend, I learnt a lot of general knowledge but also many helpful things from teachers and friends from all over the world. I feel really confident with my English now.

Tran Ngoc Hau,

B) Testimonial from Our EGL Student :-

Starter Class testimonials :-

'I go to school at Ascend Education Center. My teacher's name is Aziza. She is from England. Her nationality is British Indian. I like how she teaches us very much.

There are six students in my class. Aziza has a different approach and I think she is very professional. She has her own teaching method with every student. I want to be like her.'

Safiya Mengazetainova

I have studied for about 3 months in Ascend Education Center. I am studying English full time. It’s convenient to go to school because it’s in midtown area of Singapore. So, it’s near to the National Library, hospital and city hall and you can easily find our school.
There are few students per class. All the students have chance to speak English and teachers pay attention to students.  All the teachers are good listeners. They try to understand the character and capability of all the students. Teachers teach with passion.
I enjoy my lessons everyday. I meet my friends from various nationalities. So, I am pleased to go to school.

Lee Jae-Sun,

'My class is interesting. My teacher is very good. My English has improved. My friend in school is Japanese. She is very funny!'

Mavlvavieva Lyutsiva

Elementary Class testimonials :-

I have been studying at Ascend Education Center three months at the Elementary level. There were 14 students in the class.  I am from Switzerland. My classmates are from all over Asia. In the beginning , we were all very shy and quiet. Now, we have become friends.  Our teacher Christina is excellent, friendly and a very patient person. I enjoyed her lessons and she is a very patient person too. I learnt a lot. The student book is good and easy to understand. I had a wonderful time with my fellow students and I feel more comfortable with the English language now.

Rosa Eigenman,

Tran Thi LienI have been in Singapore for 6 months. The first time I came here, I didn’t know anything and everything was interesting for me. I had to learn many things in my daily life and I didn’t have many friends. I like taking the MRT to school everyday. My country does not have an MRT. I discover new things everyday. I have many new friends in class. They are really friendly, nice and funny.  They are all from different countries, different cultures but always friendly and we study together in class. We always have lunch together after class. My teacher is always nice and helps us. I am happy everyday when I study in class.

Tran Thi Lien,

I’m a student in the Elementary class. I am from China. My teacher is Christina. She is a nice teacher. She is very witty. I like her. I am happy every day.

Long Wei,

I am studying English at Ascend Education centre since May 2008 and  I really enjoy  here. The teacher and students are always friendly and cheerful.  They are from many different countries.  So we learn different cultures and habits from each other.  It’s really interesting.

During the class, we have a lot of time to speak English. Whatever we study, discuss with classmates and the teacher.  And we often talk about real life.  It’s very useful and fun for me.

The school has a good environment.  The teachers are kind and friendly.  They are like friends.  There is a student’s room with computers, where we can do self study and use internet. It’s very quiet and nobody disturbs us. It’s very convenient for students.

This is really a great opportunity and now I am delighted that I made a brilliant decision.

Kiran Kumari

Pre-Intermediate Class testimonials :-

I've been in Singapore for one year and nine months and I've been studying English for six months in Ascend Education Center. Before that I'd finished Dip. In Hospitality Management in AEC business school. I studied my Diploma by English medium, But I couldn't improve my grammar. I therefore join the Ascend Education Center school through the Beacon school of technology.

What's a great school....., i can't explain it by words. All my friends came from Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Laos, India, Malaysia and Lithuania. Our teacher is professional, patient and good at explaining. During the class we don't study only English, we often talk about real life other countries' cultures festivals and costumes. I think I've improve my grammar much better since i join this school. Nowadays I'm feeling bit sad because of our term is going to finish and I'm also going to leave Ascend Education Center. I'd like to thanks Ascend Education Center so much for their polite and teaching method.

Sri Lanka, Pre-Intermediate

My name is Sofi, I come from Malaysia. I'm a student. I'm studying I Ascend Education Center School I would like to tell your about Ascend Education Center School.

In Ascend Education Center most teachers are from different countries, they are very friendly and lively. The lessons are also interesting there are most students from different countries, Japanese, Vietnamese, French, Russian.

I choose Ascend Education Center because convenience by bus and MRT. Ascend Education Center School is around Bugis and I feel Ascend Education Center school is good for you to learn English. Come to join us in Ascend Education Center School.

Kon Yin ER (Sofi),
Malaysia, Pre-Intermediat

Our school is a leading language school offering thr widest range of language courses. Our school is located on North Bridge Road, so we can take public transport easily.

There are a lot of facilities. We can borrow DVDs and books. Our teacher is always happy and kind to contribute.

We always enjoy outdoor trips - there is a lot of learning too.

Heo Hun Joo,
Korea, Pre-Intermediate

I am satisfied with Annie's1 teaching methods so much. Annie is good at teaching grammar and explanation, kindly. I liked that Annie gives us books to read.

I can't explain how to find Ascend Education CenterI was difficult to finding Ascend Education Center for the first time. I don't know the staff but I have the first bad impression when II registered, Why doesn't Ascend Education Center have a Net machine? (only cash).
I want to watch more DVDs and I want to read more books - thank you.

Kim Hyeon A (Helen),
Korea, Pre-Intermediate

In Ascend Education Centerschool I study English. I like this school. I know English is a very difficult language and I have to study for a long time. I choose this school because the teachers are able to explain on students' understanding level. I study English every day and I learn more and more. There are a library and an Internet room. The school staff is very friendly and the school atmosphere is very nice. Students from different countries study here.

I can communicate with them and learn a lot of interesting things. The school is in the city center an to go there is very easy. The study times are suitable. Off course the fees are normal but could be less. I think the school should make speaking courses before lunch time. For that it is necessary the lessons to start earlier and then additional speaking courses.

Galina Vasiljeva,
Lithuania, Pre-Intermediate

I’ve been in Singapore for two months and I need to learn English as soon as possible to communicate to people here.

I was looking for a good language school and finally I found Ascend Education Center.

I think it’s a good school and the teachers are caring.  Apart form learning English, I can know people from different countries.  It’s my first time in Asia and I’m very interested to know the different cultures here.

Ascend is a good opportunity for to learn English and to know people.

Yolanda Rodriguez

Intermediate Class testimonials :-

SaruhashiI think the most excellent point in our school is the system of small classes. Small classes mean that our school has a limited number of  students in a class. As the limit is 15 people at a maximum this system enables us to rise our speaking ability more than any other English school.

We also have los of chances to speak English with classmates and learn the culture of various countries through conversation at the same time.

This thing must be the great experience in our life.

Japan, Intermediate

My name is Abe, I'm from Japan. I've been studying English at Ascend Education CenterEducation centre since the end of March 2008. I think this school is useful because, first, Teachers and officers are kind and like talking to students. Second, we can borrow books and DVDs. This system is very nice, we often borrow. Third, our school is located to be able to use some useful places for example before class I often use the National Library and at lunch time we go to Brash Basah Complex where there are cheap food shops.
And after school we go to coffee shops to talk to classmates, so location is very good.
I wish the school would set up an internet service area, sometimes we really need to use internet and I wanted to do group work in class or as homework. For example we go to the National Museum and make a report together. I think this is a good way to use English.
Anyway I'm enjoying to study English in this school.

Abe Kenichiro,
Japan, Intermediate

Like all other foreign students, my purpose from coming to Singapore is to study English and to know more about its multi-culture.

Ours school - Ascend Education Center is like what it means, has been playing an important part in making more and more improvement for us in studying English.

Our favorite teacher Ms. Annie has helped us a lot by correcting our grammar mistakes, enhancing our vocabulary and giving us a chance to speak English with a native speaker.

Our classmates, who are from countries like Japan, Venezuela or Cambodia are friendly and I can learn ore about different cultures from them.
I really enjoy all the lessons and the time, we can study together are unforgettable memories.

Jeong Bo Young,
Korea, Intermediate

What I like most about Ascend Education Center is the variety of students' nationalities and class size. As you know, small class helps you have more chances t speak and form stronger bond between classmates.
In my case while I was studying here, I met some new friends from Venezuela, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan and Mongolia. I think most schools in Singapore tend to have the composition of students' nationalities inclined t one country or bog class sizes.

However, Ascend Education Center is unique in this aspect. Your can't fid any other schools here, that have great native teachers and small class sizes at the same time like Ascend Education Center.

Jae Wook,
Korea, Intermediate

My name is Sopheas Samnang and I'm from Cambodia - Phnam Penh - the capital city. I have been studying in Ascend Education Center school for about six months now. In our classroom we have about ten students some more than that. They come from different countries such as Vietnam, Japan, Venezuela Korea and Mongolia. Specially you can learn about culture from your friends like I do.

As you know in our school the teachers come from England, Denmark, Canada, etc. Our teacher is very patient and every time we don't understand the lesson she tries to find a way for us to understand.

And the school staff are very helpful I you need help from them. Sopheas,
Cambodia, Intermediate

I've been studying for 5 moths in Ascend Education Center. Our school is not for special nationalities, so we can meet people who have various nationalities. I think it can help us to understand other countries. We have good company in each other so we often have tea, hang out and have parties together.

Our school is not big (max 15 people per class) so we have many more opportunities to speak English than any other school. Maybe that's one good reason we enjoy together.

We have good, experienced teachers who are full of passion and concern for students. They are joyful with us and try to listen to us. Although they are teachers, they also enjoy meeting us at extra times/ and we learn English through many methods, watching movies or some programs, playing games and visiting some places together (surely, it depends on the class) they also use many different materials.. Besides, our school has many books and DVD that we can borrow.

Especially, the reason why I like my school is the location! It's in the centre of the city so, so it's near the National Library, Bugis MRT station and there are many bus stops. It's really convenient. No one can miss it. So I'm really enjoying going to school.

Sun ,
Korea, Intermediate

I have been studying for three months at Ascend. I started studying English to be able to communicate with people who speaks English. So, my friend recommended me Ascend Education Center.

I like my teacher and all my classmates. I really enjoyed during the class. If somebody doesn't understand well, teacher explains us using many examples. So I could understand easily. Also I feel the atmosphere of class is very comfortable.

Moreover, teacher gave us a lot of opportunities to learn and speak English. For example, when the Russian training ship came to Singapore, we went to see the ship and talked with the sailor. About my classmates, who are from different countries. So, I could also know about their countries and some cultures. That's why I like Ascend Education Center and appreciate my teacher, staff, and all my classmates.

Japan, Intermediate

"There is a lot of "freedom" in this school. When you are in class, you feel comfortable and free. It is very interesting to study with the students from different countries - you learn English and at the same time, learn about other cultures. We are speaking a lot. This is very good for practice.So we like it!!!"

Elena & Mariya

Roma, Russia

My name is Roman.  I have really enjoyed this course and I enjoy being with my friends and teacher, Mr. Andrew! I’ll never forget Ascend Education Center! I want to thank Ascend Education Center for their hospitality and understanding.

Roman ,

Ilias KembarbaevI enjoy my lessons with my classmates and ewe has a good teacher. I have enough materials. I have now been studying in our lovely school for 10 months and everything is good!

Ilias Kembarbaev,

I come from China, and only learn English in Ascend Education Center one month. But my English Speaking step a new level. In Ascend Education Center I don’t bear a heavy English learning load, as I do in China and I can learn English with a happy condition, And because my classmates from different country.

So I have more chance to learn about foreign culture customs and habits, which broaden my mind, we use English tell others about our country and so on. We also practice our English speaking I think it’s interesting. And I become like to learn English.  I can’t believe it.


I started studying at Ascend Education Center a month ago.  I really enjoy my school life here.  Students are always friendly and cheerful.  They come from many different countries.  So we can know different culture and habits each other.  It’s really interesting.

During the class, we have a lot of time to speak English. Everythng we study discuss with classmates and teachers.  And we often talk about real life.  Its very useful and fun for me.

The school has a good environment and atmosphere.  The teachers are kind and friendly.  They are like friends.  There is the room we can get a lot of information about social activities and we use computers.  It is very convenient for students.


I have only studied in Ascend Education Centerfor about two weeks. I was recommended to learn General English with Ascend and now I am really appreciated with it.

Although I am younger and have been studied at Ascend Education Center shorter period of time then my teacher and classmates from various part of the world, they are so amiable and friendly that I sometimes felt they are my real friend!

Teacher encourages us persistently to speech and read English which are really important.  More ever, this school organizes social activities regularly.  We had a chance to make new friends and learn new things.  This is really great opportunity and now I am really delighted that I make a brilliant decision.

Yae Hyeon Kyeong

Upper-Intermediate Class testimonials :-

Not only useful knowledge but applying ability which is effective in real life, I’ve been getting in Ascend Education Center .  In class I have enough time to discuss.  It means I can change my knowledge to practical skill.

In addition teachers always teach English with interesting cultural background and lots of concrete examples. So we can improve our skill with full of intellectual stimulation and enjoyment.  Thanks to eager teacher and friendly multi cultural classmates, I feel my skill is making progress day by day.

Satoko Okabe

Renata PisanoI came to Singapore for 6 months. I decided to improve my English and I looked for English courses. I personally checked a few schools and I decided to apply to Ascend Education Centre because the staff was very kind with me and very helpful in all my requests. After a few weeks in class I had seen the results myself. I was able to speak and understand much better. What’s more, my English speaking friends gave me big compliments about my improvement. After 3 months I decided to continue to another level. I am very happy about my decision to study in this school, because the teachers are very professional and good at explaining, the atmosphere in class is really friendly. We talk about many of life’s topics and about cultures and costumes. I’ve got many friends from different countries and we improve our English speaking with each other. We all have a lot of fun together.

Renata Pisano
Czech Republic

Yelly I have been studying English for about 6 months. Ascend Education Center is my first English course in Singapore and I will never regret it. In this English course, I found many things that could not find in other courses. Firstly, they have many great teachers with 3 great points. They are very friendly, patiently, and thoughtfully.  


  1. Friendly: Every year, they have much different kind of outside activities which will improve relationship between teachers, students, and other staff.
  2. Patient: They will explain until we understand and will never say no to us for asking questions even it is not the class time.
  3. Thoughtful: They are always considerate of our feelings. There are many people from different countries, different culture, languages, and habits make them hard to adapt each other. For that reason, the part played by the teachers is very important and you can find them in Ascend Education Center.


Advanced Class testimonials :-

'I have already studied in Ascend Education Centerfor about nine months. Before that, I was studying in a government school in Singapore. Most of my classmates used to speak in Chinese. But at Ascend Education Center, the teachers are from Western countries and the students are from different parts of the world.

They encourage us to speak and read in English, and to learn English. Other than that, this school also organises social activities regularly. We can make new friends and learn new things. So it is a great opportunity to learn English.'

Cho Ting


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