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Our Intermediate Level Student's Work

It was hot on Saturday afternoon, 30th January while I, my teacher and my classmates were waiting for Thaipusam, one of the colourful parade in Singapore. Thaipusam is celebrated annually every the tenth month of  the month of ‘Thai’ in Tamil calendar, which falls between January and February. During this day, the full moon passes the brightest star ‘Pusam’. That is why the festival is called ‘Thaipusam’. The devotees carried ‘Kavadis’.

The devotee were piercing his cheeks, tongue, face or other suitable body parts with sharp objects and decorated with peacock feathers and flowers as offering to the Lord. Amazingly, there is no blood, no tears, and no moaning. They were walking and dancing along the road while their family were dancing and singing for worship.

One of the devotees was had young man about seventeen years old. He look very tired and was in pain, but he tried to be strong. I felt afraid and so amazed by the Thaipusam parade however I was frightened to enter the temple in order to watch them closely take off the body pierced metal spikes and skewer. It was extremely spectacular and unforgettable memories for me.
Imelda Nasrul from Indonesia

Earlier I never heard about Thaipusam and even coudn’t imagine on how many this colourful and amazing show. When the first participants of festival have started to pass, washing the first thought was, improbably, on the belief of the person how many should be strong to suffer such quantity of punctures on the body. Before the beginning of procession they make kavadis. This bulky enough construction on the metal skeleton, plentifully decorated with multi-coloured feathers, colours,  bells which fastens to a body by means of sharp spikes. At such heavy weight they still manage to dance and go forward, it shocked me!

In general it is difficult to describe the emotions, I would be describe it as a mixture of gladness and pain. For me this day has appeared full of fascinating impressions which I never will forget.

There are much kind of religion and their festival in Singapore. If I have an opportunity, I’d like to go and see them.
Irina Androsova from Russia

Last Saturday, I went to see “ThaiPusam” which is one of the Hindu festivals. Before Saturday, my teacher showed us some pictures of this festival. I felt pain and fear. Actually, there were some males who are called “Kavadi carrier” and dressed the same as pictures in the festival.

But I saw more amazing “Kavadi carrier” !  He pulled ropes which connected hooks to his back. It’s very scary!
By the way, I was interested in “Kavadi” decorations. One decoration was carved God on the metal with flower, another one was a picture of God. They ware beautiful and colorful.

There are much kind of religion and their festival in Singapore. If I have an opportunity, I’d like to go and see them.
Junko Hori from Japan
Naoko (Click to open PDF)

Dear Annie,

Hi. I am Abe Kenichiro, one of your students. Here I am going to write about the sailing ship that we saw during our trip to Vivocity last Friday.
It was a big sailing ship from Russia called Pallada. We expected something like the one in the picture you had shown us before the trip but sadly when we saw the real ship all the sails had been taken down. So what we could see was only masts with no “clothes” on. What a shame!
According to a young crew, the length of a mast is about 50m. (This reminds me of the 50m footrace of my P.E. class during my junior high school days.) We also went to a small museum on the ship. Then we saw a man's picture. He was the last emperor of the Russian Empire. His name is Nikolai II. Then I recalled that I did study about him when I was in high school. Nikolai II came to Japan in 1891 when he was still the prince of the empire. When he was visiting a local town, he was slashed by a Japanese guard because the guard thought that Nikolai II was going to invade Japan. (He survived anyway.)
I feel glad that I was able to “meet him in person” (though it was only a picture). The picture reminded me of my past school days.
Now the ship is in Shanghai, China. After the stop, it will go to Nagasaki, Japan. I hope that Japanese people will recall Nikolai II because he had been to Japan once before...
Yours sincerely,
Abe Kenichiro


This is Anny was writing about we were going to saw the Sail Training ship Pallada with our classmate on Friday afternoon at the Vivocity outside.

  I'm glad I saw the beautiful ship called Pallada. The ship is very tall and big , I'm very interested and especially all the guys on the ship are friendly , outgoing, talkative and they told us that the ship is about 80 years old, that is so long and old. after we finished enjoying the ship , we were going to have a coffee and chatting together to practice the English . I hope we all can go out together again and thank you so much for my Annie teacher to bring us out.

Best wishes

Dear Teacher,
Sail ho!  I visited  this ship when the Pallada was in Singapore. It was amazing..Pallada is the fifth ship of the Dar Mlodziezy-class built in Poland during the 1980’s  ... They had sailed the sea for many years.  It was wonderful ! Pallada sails with a compliment of 143 cadets and a permanent crew of 56 officers, teachers, and professionals  , one of them said. How lovely!


Friday, a little bit clouds, not so hot, it was a perfect to go outing. It was the fist time for me to step into a sailing ship. We looked around the ship and took some pictures with sailing men.
The most interesting thing was to have some great talks with them about the ship and their lives on the sea.
After stepping down the ship we went for tea time in Vivo city. While talking about each other I felt we are getting closer. It was a very precious experience

Jae Wook

Last Friday, our class had school trip to Vivo City to visit a ship called "Pallada" she was very big and very old as well, she about 19 years old. We were very excited to see the ship because it was our first time and it was a great opportunity for us to learn and to know about how they travelled around the world.
We took a lot of pictures on the ship and with the sailors as well. All the sailors are very friendly to us all and they wear very smart outfits. Our teacher Annie was very happy to see us speak to the sailors and it was very good for us to improve our speaking. Wee enjoyed ourselves very much.
We went to Vivo City last Friday. We got in a number 80 bus which had two floors. It was my first time that I got in second floor of the bus in Singapore. It was nice.

We arrived and we got into the ship. Many Russian welcomed us. One of them introduced us about the ship. But his English was not excellent. The ship wasn't as big as I expected. But it was nice. We could take some photos with Russian boys. They has good voices, nice faces blue eyes and healthy beauty.

After the trip, we dank a cup of coffee. And we talked with each other. I think we are closer than before and it's a real study. We were happy except the humid weather.

 Lee Jae-sun
Last Friday, our class had a school trip to Vivo City to visit a ship from Russia called 'Pallada.   We were very excited when we were on the ship, because we saw a big ship like that before.

There were many sailors who were wearing smart outfits. They showed us around the ship. It was really amazing that they control her.   Anyway, during that time we took a lot of pictures with sailors and our teacher Annie. We enjoyed ourselves very much.   Hope to see her again.

Jeong Bo Yong

Last Friday, our class went to see a ship from Russia, It was here for some days, so we went there to look around and know more about it.  This day was great for me, because I had never been on the ship like that.  We could look around, there were many cadets, they were learning how to sailing, we told with them and asked many questions to know about the ship and sailing, also we took some pictures.

It was nice, this experience because we could practice English and I like that. I like going out with my classmates and practice, because the school give us the grammar so we should practice, not only at school, we need to practice outside of the school, this way we will be confident.

  Also attached so me pictures, enjoy them.


Dear Annie,

This is Yoko, your student. My impression of Pallada is as follows.   It was great experience to see Pallada. I was so surprised that Pallada was a beautiful and huge training ship even though it is  80 years old. One of the sailer said that the ship would go to Shanhai next, and then go to Japan and Korea.. I want to travel all over the world like Pallada when I become 80 years old!  


When I look at ship I thought nice because I haven't gotten on the ship before, so I was very surprised, but I was disappointed only one thing because I thought the ship would be very large! but that was ok, ship is look like good and then I went around more the ship but I dropped coke in my bag and clothes so i got off ship and then went to toilet so i didn't watch all, if I have a chance go to ship I will go to there one more time.

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